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Choosing, when faced with the question of diapers vs pelvic weights can be difficult but obviously not impossible.
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Diapers vs Pelvic Weights

Answers to Common Questions Regarding Diapers vs Pelvic Weights
“Diapers vs pelvic weights” is probably one of the most common questions you could ask yourself if you are going through urinary or stool incontinence. The reason of course is quite obvious. On one hand you have the natural method of fixing a problem which is to merely strengthen your muscles while on the other hand you have a tool that can actually lessen the impact of the problem. That’s why it can be difficult for you to figure out whether or not you should get diapers or whether you should actually invest some time, money and effort into something like vagina weights. The goal of the information here is to help you figure out which is more beneficial for you in general.

Diapers vs Pelvic Weights – What’s the Difference?
At first glance, both are a means to an end because you basically use them to control or deal with something that can be quite embarrassing and hard to deal with. In essence, the two actually perform similar functions since they are meant to control incontinence - but there are underlying differences. In diapers for example, the goal is to make sure that the problem is hidden. You obviously don’t have to worry as much about incontinence when it comes to diapers because it isn’t something that will be obvious to the general public. It doesn’t however, actually solve any real problems. In the case of pelvic weights on the other hand, you don’t get to immediately control the problem but with effort, you can actually make the problem much easier to deal with - and solve it in the long run.

Diapers vs Pelvic Weights – Which of the Two Is More Beneficial for You?
The question of whether diapers vs pelvic weights are more beneficial for you is actually dependent on what you need to use it for. In the short term, diapers are definitely beneficial because they can help hide your ailments. In the long run however, pelvic weights can actually help you solve the problem of incontinence for good and that in itself is obviously a good thing.

In order to decide, you have to make sure that you are using the two for the right reasons. On one hand, if you are going to an important event for example, you may want to wear diapers to ensure that you don’t deal with the problems when you are there. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop using pelvic weights either.  In the short term, both might be beneficial for you but to support that long term goal, you may have to use a short term option like diapers.

Diapers vs Pelvic Weights – Pros to Each
When it comes to advantages, the following are the ones which you should know:

  • Diapers – They can be used immediately, are relatively inexpensive and give you the chance to hide your incontinence problems even if only for a day or a few hours.
  • Pelvic weights – They are a long term solution and can be adjusted to anyone's needs and easy to use.

Although both offer great advantages, you should think about what you need in the long run as well as short term.

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