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The dilemma of whether to buy vagina weights can be a difficult one.  For one, it entails getting past a certain amount of embarrassment for some people - and admitting that you need them isn’t always easy.
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Once you are past that initial apprehension, then comes the problem of choosing what type to use. The common dilemma is between vagina weights and ben wa balls. Both can be designed to strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles but they are different in a number of ways.

Shape Does Matter
The main difference from a physical standpoint is they are obviously shaped differently. From the names of the items themselves, you can tell that one is conical in structure and the other is spherical. The difference in their shapes can account for the reason why some people find vaginal weights relatively more comfortable. Physically, the vagina actually consists of a tube that leads to the cervix. This tube runs parallel to the urethra and at a certain point, perpendicular to the bladder. Since vagina weights are tube shaped, they are easier to adjust and sit correctly, rather than ben wa balls made in a round shape.

Here are some other advantages:

  • Vagina weights provide an additional advantage when it comes to muscle strengthening because you have the ability to use varying weights with the need of only one cone. This is because each cone has adjustable weights placed inside them. As such, you are really only using one item and then changing the weights in that item. In the case of a vagina ball on the other hand, you only have one ball with one weight. If you wanted to increase the resistance, the only choice you would have would be to add an extra ball. However, the problem is it can be uncomfortable and a number of women also complain of ben wa balls getting stuck inside the vagina – and it can get messy when you pull them out. Unlike vagina weights, which are extremely similar to tampons, the ben wa balls can be relatively more difficult to get used to.
  • In terms of effectiveness, vaginal weights are more effective because they are designed to exercise the right muscles. Because of their unique shape, they focus on the correct area than kegel exercise balls and exercise the whole length of the muscle rather than just certain spots. Since the effectiveness of your muscle strengthening is dependent on exercising the right muscle, it is invaluable to use a device, which will be able to do this, and those devices are vagina cones.

Your goal when using vagina weights is to make sure that you exercise the right muscles. Your goal to a certain extent also involves making sure that you are able to find something that is more or less easy to use and offers a wider variety of benefits. When considering these choices and comparing the cones to the balls, the overall standout winner is quite obviously, a vaginal cone set.

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