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Prostate cancer, whether it occurs in a man or a woman is something that should never be ignored.
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Prostate Cancer In Women

Prostate Cancer in Women – How to Catch It Early?
It isn’t often that you hear about prostate cancer in women. In fact, a lot of women still don’t know that female prostate cancer actually does exist and it can be just as big of a problem as prostate cancer in men.

Does Prostate Cancer in Women Exist?
The reason why a lot of women ignore the possibility of prostate cancer is because they feel it is a type of cancer that is centered mostly on men and one that is never going to affect women. The thing is - a lot of people don’t realize that women have prostates too. Although the prostates may be different from men in size and obviously position, they definitely do exist.

Prostate Cancer in Women – Are There Symptoms?
When it comes to cancer in women as with any cancer, the goal isn’t to be able to cure the cancer right away. It should instead begin from a good starting point and that starting point is early detection. Although there have been a number of advancements when it comes to prostate cancer in women and although there are definitely plenty of so-called miracle cures out there, at the end of the day, early detection is your best friend when it comes to survival. The problem is - so many women don’t really know what that means and essentially, they disregard some of the most basic and most tell-tale signs of prostate cancer.

  1. Sudden unexplained weight loss – You don’t have some sort of miracle wonder drug in your body that results in sudden weight loss for no apparent reason. In order to lose weight, you have to adjust your food intake and you also have to pay careful attention to the exercise that you do. Most people need to put in an absolute and concerted effort in order to lose weight. So if you have started to lose weight and there seems to be no reason or explanation for it, it could be cancer.
  1. Problems in the toilet – Urinating isn’t meant to be painful. So when it starts to become painful, you should definitely keep those red flags up. Although there can be other causes, this is one of the most common symptoms.
  1. Pain – When it comes to prostate cancer in women, the road, even the start of it, is rarely easy. One symptom that is quite likely to manifest is pain. Pain is considered an indicator because as we all know, you will only feel pain when something is actually wrong with your body. Pain is a mechanism which our bodies adapt in order to ensure that we are actually aware that something is wrong - and is most definitely something that should never be ignored.

Prostate cancer, whether it occurs in a man or a woman is something that should never be ignored. Even if there are just small indications and small symptoms, it is still important for you to make sure that you get these checked out see your doctor for early detection – way before it becomes serious.


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