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You may not realize this, but the vagina is an extremely complex system. Just like your stomach and your mouth as well as such areas as your rectum, there are a ton of different bacteria that live and breathe and thrive.
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Vaginal Discharge and Odors

These bacteria's can range from extremely helpful to extremely bad - depending on how they exist in your body. If you didn’t have bacteria in your stomach for example, you wouldn’t be able to digest the food that you eat and the same goes for your mouth as well.

What Causes Vaginal Discharge?
Just like your stomach, the vagina, as stated before, contains a wide variety of bacteria. The bacteria live in a sort of balance, cancelling each other out depending on whether they are good bacteria or bad bacteria. This cancelling out in numbers is considered to be a perfect balance in order to maintain a healthy vagina. That being said however, you should also note that sometimes the bacterial level becomes imbalanced and an infection occurs.
Vaginal discharge is actually one way that your vagina helps to maintain that perfect balance. Discharge is a fluid that is excreted by glands inside your vagina. The fluid acts a little like a cleaner and what it does is flush away the bad bacteria that have built up in your vagina.  In general, vaginal discharge is actually quite normal, although there can be cases where there is a lot of vaginal discharge. Although this can be normal, it can also be an indicator of bad vaginal health. Some of the most common factors which cause discharge that is abnormal are:

  1. bacterial vaginosis
  2. diabetes
  3. chlamydia
  4. scented body soap or perfumes

Why Is There More Vaginal Discharge after Kegel Exercises?
As you have probably gathered from the information above, discharge from the vagina can be caused by a number of things and it is normal to have vaginal discharge regardless of the activity that you are doing. A lot of women however, find that they have even more discharge after doing kegel exercises. Just like regular discharge, this can actually be normal and generally is caused by a change in the balance of the bacteria in your vagina.
When you do kegels your pelvic muscles are meant to contract. This can be similar to what happens before sexual intercourse. What you will have noticed then is you also produce discharge. The reason for this is that the glands inside your vagina get stimulated which causes them to produce more liquid.  That liquid is actually pushed out and that’s why you would have more discharge. Of course, this doesn’t affect all women in the same way and some women don’t really experience discharge that is any different from normal but some women do. It really depends on how your body deals with the kegel exercises.

Ultimately although kegels can cause vaginal discharge it doesn’t mean that the kegels are bad for you. It is just a means for your body to deal with and react to the extra activity that it is undertaking.

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