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Why not enjoy sex by having control over your own libido and it's functions to the body.
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Women’s Libido Connection and Kegels

Kegel exercises have long been promoted to help increase women’s libido and cure incontinence. Some are skeptic about the women’s libido part but even doctors and sex therapists believe that it really does help in regaining sexual appetite. There are actually two main reasons on how kegels help increase women’s libido, let’s take a look at them:

  • Vaginal Tightening

This is the first and obvious way on how kegel exercises help increase women’s libido. Since kegels promotes the strengthening and thickening of the vagina walls and pelvic floor muscles, one of the end results of faithfully performing this exercise is the tightening of a loose vagina. How does that increase women’s libido? Simple actually, a tight vagina makes sex more pleasurable. And the more you enjoy sex, the more you would want to do it with your partner making your body naturally increasing your libido.

  • Blood Supply

The second way that kegel exercise helps in the increase of women’s libido is by assisting the pelvic area to have better blood supply. This is due to the fact that Kegel exercises promote the health of the arteries in the pelvic area.  The arteries in that area are the pathway of your blood going to your genitals. When you have better blood supply in your vagina and the pelvic area, it will become easier for your body to feel aroused.

So patients who have some challenges with proper blood circulation are challenged in bed as well because of the lack of blood supply in the genital area. This also has something to do with having the right amount of nitric oxide in the body since it functions to loosen the blood stream for better circulation. So some of the medication made to increase women’s libido involves the promotion of nitric oxide in the body.

Finding the Right Muscle to Increase Women’s Libido

Perhaps one of the reasons on why many women are skeptic with the women’s libido and the kegels connection is because after trying, it didn’t work for them. It’s not that the Kegels exercise did not work for them but it is highly possible that they were exercising the wrong sets of muscles. To avoid this from happening, you can put your trust in Vagacare Vaginal Weights to help you not only find the right muscle but to maximize the benefits of Kegel exercises such as increasing women’s libido.

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